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    We offer free returns for deliveries made within Finland. A notification of return must always be made using the return form included in the delivery, which must be included in the return delivery.

    We do however withhold the right to deny free returns in exceptional cases in an order specific manner on the basis of earlier order history or the contents of the order. If we are not responsible for the return costs, we will notify the customer of this before the delivery, in which case the customer has the right to cancel the order if they so wish.

    The customer has the right to cancel the order made to the online store excusemybonbon.com within fourteen (14) days of receiving the products. If the return is clearly delayed from the 14 days return period guaranteed by the Finnish Consumer Protection Law, the customer loses the right to a free return and the online store has no obligation to accept the return. The online store has the right to charge the customer for the delivery and handling costs of a delayed return in full, minimum charge being 20 euros.

    Outside Finland the product must be returned within seven (7) days of receiving it.

    Please note! According to the new Consumer Protection Law of Finland, in effect since June 13th, 2014, failure to pick up an order is not the same as returning an order. We will charge costs created by parcels not picked up due to customer reasons and returned to us from the customer in full. The charge for unpicked-up parcels is 20 euros, which is retained from the purchase price to be returned. The charge consists of packaging, delivery and return costs.

    The returned product must be unused, resalable, in its original state and original packaging. If the returned product is faulty (damaged, used, contaminated by pet hair or additional scents), the online store excusemybonbon.com is not under the obligation to reimburse the full price of the product. If the returned products are not resalable due to damages caused by the customer, the online store will always withhold at least 25% of the sale price as damages.

    Please note! We do not reimburse damages caused by normal wear, wrong handling or neglecting the maintenance instructions.

    The customer may exchange the returned product to another size or colour or simply return it, if they are not happy with it.

    Product exchanges are usually handled on the same day as when we receive the customer return. The customer will always receive an email notification of a received and handled return.

    If the delivered product is faulty, the customer should notify the online store of the fact via email after receiving the product without delay. In cases of reclamation, include a photo of the damaged product with the entire product and the damage clearly visible in the email.

    When choosing Posti as the delivery service, the customer will make the possible return using Posti.

    When choosing Matkahuolto as the delivery service, the customer may make the possible return to any of Matkahuolto’s parcel points.


    The customer must fill in the return form included in the delivery and package the form and the product to be returned in the same packaging while attaching the already filled out return address sticker included with the form on the outside of the parcel. The customer may hand the parcel over to be delivered to Excuse My Bonbon Oy by taking it to Posti or alternatively to any of the Matkahuolto parcel points.

    *Returns via Posti: The customer will give Excuse My Bonbon Oy as the recipient, in which case the return is free.

    Returns via Matkahuolto: The customer will give the code 9517800 while returning the product, in which case the return is free.

    NOTE! The above described manners of return are only possible in Finland. Returning outside Finland pls, send us email info@excusemybonbon.com for further information.

    The customer must remember to ask the Posti service point or Matkahuolto parcel point to give them a receipt for the return, and keep said receipt safe. The receipt is proof of return.*

    The price the customer has paid for the product will be reimbursed within 14 days. Once Excuse My BonBon Oy has received a returned product or if the product has not been sent when Excuse My BonBon Oy has received notification of cancellation, the customer will be asked to provide a bank account number for reimbursement. Orders paid using a credit card will be reimbursed on the credit card used.

    Return address:
    Excuse My BonBon Oy
    Haminamäentie 51
    70800 Kuopio

    Tel. +358 50 352 6970